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West Coast condos with treed property

You have a lot of properties to care for. Finding specialized help to maintain your properties is important to you. You know that the owners want the job done well and cost-effectively. You have landscapers to care for gardens and yards, but what about the trees? Are you confident that the trees on your properties are being well cared for? Do you have someone to call on with specialized tree knowledge?

Did you know that investing in a tree's health now can be the most cost-effective solution in the long-run?

Properly pruning and maintaining trees as they grow can avoid the dangerous pitfall of a costly hazard tree removal down the road. Keeping trees healthy takes an expert who understands how trees grow, how to prune properly and what pests and disease to watch for. I am ISA certified and I have five years of experience working on commercial properties. I have worked directly with property managers on large developments and stratas and I understand the complexities of achieving specific solutions in a cost-effective manner. I know that budget is important to you and your clients so I can develop prioritized strategies for caring for your trees in the long term.

I offer a variety of services including: