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Having Aaron on the job always guaranteed total satisfaction and we relied on Aaron's knowledge, good judgement and superb communications skills.

— Pierre, Residential Client

To protect myself and my clients I am fully insured with commercial 3rd party liability insurance and with WCB. For a copy of our WCB clearance letter click here. I am proud to offer the following services:

Spurless Climbing

Spurless Climbing

Do you care about a special tree and need some maintenance pruning done? Do you have a very large specimen tree? To protect the tree's health and longevity, I specialize in spurless climbing because spurs can damage the tree and allow disease to enter. Whether you have young trees or heritage trees, I can prune them properly, quickly and safely with minimal impact to the trees' health.

Aaron is a first rate climber in my opinion.
— Bill Wilde, Arborist
City of New Westminster Parks Department

Tree & Shrub Pruning

The long term health of your trees and shrubs is important. Do you look for assurance of pruning abilities and practices when you hire? As an ISA certified arborist, I focus on tree retention and I follow the ISA standards of pruning. I have experience with crown cleaning, thinning, restoration, clearance pruning and pruning trees for fruit and structure. Whatever the situation, I maintain a healthy balance of what is good for the tree and obtaining the service objective.

Aaron has a good sense of “future vision” of the tree, pruning in a judicious and
aesthetic sense for long term growth and yet still cost effective by the pruning approach.
— Lynda, Residential Client

residential cedar removal


At the point when a tree is no longer suitable for its growing location, removal may be a necessary option. I have extensive experience with removals in tight residential spaces and I enjoy the complex problem solving involved to do it safely and efficiently.

Forest Edge Restoration

New developments in previously forested areas can expose once-protected trees to windthrow and expose residents to hazard trees. In addition to hazard tree abatement, I can help you windfirm and transform a new forest's edge after development. This helps to minimize future failures, allows remaining trees and understory to adapt to their new environment, and to maintain some level of aesthetics after a major clearing. I focus on minimal impact to understory and specialize in wildlife trees.


If you are looking for a second opinion or some help with tree assessment, I offer hazard tree assessments, tree inventories, and any other consulting related to trees. Dependent on my availability and your particular needs. Please call to learn more.