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Our maintenance strategies strive to strike a balance between these three goals:

  1. your wishes and objectives
  2. tree health – making decisions based on the long term health of the tree
  3. aesthetics – keeping your trees beautiful and respecting their natural form

Preventative healthcare and maintenance will extend the life of your trees.

This may include care at any stage of your tree’s life: choosing the right tree for the space when planting, young tree training, pruning for building clearance, corrective pruning (restoration) of trees that many have been improperly cared for in the past.

Keeping your trees healthy saves you money.

Improper pruning can damage a tree for the rest of its life, causing problems that will have to be dealt with repeatedly or which eventually require the loss (removal) of the tree.

Your objectives are achievable.

We can work together to bring more light to your yard, to preserve your view, to give clearance for service wires and buildings while maintaining the health, safety and beauty of your trees.

what are they saying?

Thank you for the excellent work.

We appreciate your expertise so that we have a much improved view without cutting down all the trees.
Looking forward to part 2 of the project.
– Peter & Dianne

No matter how big or small your trees are, our ISA certified arborists can help you decide on a tree care strategy that fits your budget.


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