How can I help a tree that is struggling after the hot dry summer?


An effective way of improving the vitality of a struggling, stressed or diseased tree is to improve the soil structure and nutrients in its rooting area. This can be achieved with Deep Root Injections of water containing organic fertilizer and mychorrizal fungi in the spring and fall.

Soils under a tree that are compacted and dry, and low on organic content and nutrients, will provide a poor medium for root development and nutrient uptake. These poor soil conditions will stress a tree during the challenging growing conditions in the hot and dry summer months.


In the springtime, Deep Root Injecting a tree’s rooting area will help the tree develop additional fine roots necessary for water and nutrient uptake. The additional root development will help a stressed tree to tolerate the harsh growing conditions that can occur over the summer.


Additional Deep Root Injections in the fall will provide the added benefits of helping your tree recover from summer drought stress and encouraging healthy root development through the fall, winter, and following spring.

This longer and continued period of root development, enabled by spring and fall Deep Root Injections, will give your stressed tree the best chance of regaining vitality in challenging growing conditions.

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