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Our mission is to share our experience and knowledge to help you understand and properly care for the trees around you so that you can enjoy them for years to come.

Our Team

Together, the team at Grow Tree Care has over 50 years of arboriculture experience. We have worked across Canada and Internationally. We employ five full-time and two seasonal arborists certified by the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) and are actively training our newer staff to get certified as well. As a company, we follow ISA standards of pruning and practice spurless climbing. In addition to our practical arboriculture experience, our team includes members who specialize in permaculture, biology, and environmental assessment and monitoring. We pride ourselves on providing excellent quality work and on acting as environmental stewards with respect to tree care.


Aaron Kinvig

ISA Certified Arborist® PN-8017A
Occupational First Aid Level I

Hi I’m Aaron Kinvig, I’ve been in the Arb Industry for 14 years. I started my career as an arborist in the UK and built up experience and qualifications working for a couple of companies in the South East of England before going on to running my own company. The draw of a life in Canada was too great for an outdoorsman such as myself so I made the move across the pond and have settled in the Comox Valley where I feel I belong living by the mountains and working with a great crew at Grow Tree Care. I enjoy the variety of work in Arboriculture from planting new trees for the future to removing large hazardous trees; everyday is a new challenge.

Aaron Salt

ASct. environmental, QEP
ISA Certified Arborist® PN-2015AT
ISA Tree Risk Assessment Qualified
Dipl. tech. fish, wildlife & Recreation
Occupational First Aid Level I

Aaron Salt worked as a climbing arborist in London and Vancouver before gaining environmental training from the B.C. Institute of Technology. As an integral member of Grow Tree Care since 2013, he has applied his experience and interest in trees to expand our consulting services by supplying tree inventories and tree risk/health assessments for residential through to development projects. His matter of fact approach combined with a desire to balance both the tree’s best interest and the client’s objectives make him a valuable addition to Grow Tree Care. Aaron Salt also heads up our plant health care division and can help you with your spraying, fertilizing, and watering needs.

Aaron Wurts

ISA Certified Arborist® PN-2792AT
ISA Certified Tree Worker Climber Specialist®
ISA Tree Risk Assessment Qualified
Occupational First Aid Level I

As owner of Grow Tree Care, Aaron Wurts brings his passion for trees and problem solving to the task of business ownership. Starting in Vancouver’s arboriculture industry in 2001, Aaron had the opportunity to work with several municipalities, large development sites, commercial properties and many strata councils. After moving his family to the Comox Valley in 2008, Aaron developed Grow Tree Care over the past 10 years and feels very fortunate to have such a cohesive team with such diverse skills and shared values. Aaron enjoys working with people as much as with trees and is always more than willing to educate and give his perspective when it comes to trees.

Why yes, we do have a lot of Aarons here!

You might have noticed that we have four different Aarons at Grow—there’s one more for you to meet below. It can get confusing (and funny). To help, we often have to be on a last name basis, but that doesn’t make our service any less personal.

Crew Members

Read Guthrie

ISA Certified Arborist® PN-8572A
Occupational First Aid Level I

Hi there, I’m Read Guthrie, and I’ve been working in the arb industry for just over three years now. What draws me to arboriculture is the way in which it incorporates both a physical and mental discipline with a scientific study of tree health. Having grown up on the island I have a great appreciation for our native forests and the diversity found in our microclimates. The Comox Valley has a little bit of all the island has to offer and that, to me, makes it the perfect environment to live and work as an arborist. Most weekends I can be found outside trail running, snowboarding, skateboarding or climbing. Working at Grow means being part of a team and part of a family, and with our shared experience I expand my knowledge each day.

Luke Roman

Occupational First Aid Level I

Luke is a newcomer to the world of arboriculture. He has spent many years in the field of adventure tourism and outdoor education; guiding Sea kayaking tours up and down our coast and around the globe. Keen to pursue new opportunities, Luke joined the Grow team shortly after moving to the Comox Valley. Attracted by both the physical nature of the work, and Grow’s nuanced approach to tree care, he has enjoyed tackling new challenges and steadily building new skill sets. For Luke, a perfect day on the job would always have: a fun rigging challenge, fresh chipper blades, at least one coffee stop and a good laugh or two. He and his wife Erin live in Cumberland with their little boy Jasper and dog Lucy.

Jonathan Schut

Certificate in Ecological Gardening/Permaculture Design
Occupational First Aid Level I

Jonathan loves plants, a fact which drives his work. He has a background in ecological gardening and permaculture design; the art and science of sustainable land and lifestyle management. He is owner and operator of landscape gardening business Budding Landscapes since 2009. He has experience creating his own sustainable landscape and home, plus supporting many households and businesses alike in design, development and maintenance of beautiful and healthy landscapes. Jonathan brings his pruning and hedging finesse and extensive plant knowledge to Grow Tree Care as a regular part-time team member since 2012.

Aaron Tutt

ISA Certified Arborist® PN-8757A
Occupational First Aid Level I

Aaron Tutt grew up exploring the natural playground around him. Whether it was the backyard garden or the surrounding forest, his passion was to better understand how natural systems work and how humans interact with them. Aaron’s curiosity stayed with him, as he studied Environmental Sciences at the University of Alberta. Since graduating, he has worked as an environmental consultant, farmed organically on the Gulf Islands, and worked as an arborist. In the spring of 2017, Aaron and his wonderful wife relocated to the Comox Valley where he was grateful to find Grow Tree Care. He always knew, in his heart, there must be a company founded by, and employing mostly “Aarons” and is happy to have found it. Aaron Tutt enjoys both the ethical and technical sides of Tree Care and is happy providing both with Grow.

what are they saying?

The crew was great!

Efficient, hard working and conscientious, and they tidied up so it looked better than before they started. The magnolia looks amazing. It makes me smile every time I look at it. What care Jonathan took – a tree artist. The vines are gone! And the dead and dangerous branches! The roof will now be better with the low branches gone.What a great choice we made to have you do the work.
— Lawrence

Alison Wurts

Alison is the behind the scenes partner in Grow Tree Care. Her skills in administration, bookkeeping, webdesign and marketing keep the office running. Alison has worked in administration in various capacities for 20 years. Her prior work has included an independent insurance agent, Environment Canada, a Canadian outdoor gear manufacturer, and a midwifery clinic. In addition to managing the office and books for Grow Tree Care, she also provides administrative and website support for other clients in BC and internationally through Coastal Webcraft.

Seasonal Crew Members

Ryan Murphy

Registered Biology Technologist (#98)
ISA Certified Arborist® PN-5779A
Occupational First Aid Level I

Ryan has been working with the Grow Tree Care team as a climbing arborist since moving to the Comox Valley in 2012. He brings a wealth of experience gained during his 14 years of experience in Arboriculture and 12 years as an ISA Certified Arborist. He has had had the opportunity to work with some of the best in the industry beginning at Butchart Gardens in the early 2000’s followed by excellent tree care companies in Victoria BC as well as in Germany, Sweden, Belgium, Austria, and Switzerland.

Ryan also works as a wildlife biologist which compliments his skills as an arborist in fields such as ecology, soil science, and botany. This combination of skills and experience mean that he is passionate about trees equally for their aesthetic beauty and their environmental significance.

Kelly Royer

ISA Certified Arborist® PN-8220A
Occupational First Aid Level I

Arboriculture seemed like a natural fit for the skills Kelly developed at work and play over his lifetime. His love of ornamental trees began at a young age in his mom’s garden center. When he moved to the coast from Alberta, Kelly’s first work was in outdoor education and guiding kayak trips. It was a pleasure to share the coastal wilderness with guests from around the world. From there Kelly was asked to be a part of the team that cut new runs for a ski resort expansion. After nearly a decade of saw work on the slopes Kelly switched paths and became a residential arborist. He enjoys the constant puzzles that tree work presents and feels fortunate to work with such a knowledgeable team.

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