We provide a wide range of arboriculture services with a particular focus on tree health, retention, and maintenance.

Our services encompass a tree throughout its life cycle:

  • from planting with particular consideration of species and location, 

  • and pruning from youth to maturity (while maintaining health, structural integrity, and aesthetics) 

  • to mitigation of health or structural issues, fertilizing,

  • and removal of a tree in decline (or when appropriate with respect to client objective).

silhouetted tree in park

Tree & Shrub Pruning

The long term health of your trees and shrubs is important. Do you look for assurance of pruning abilities and practices when you hire? As ISA certified arborists, we specialize in pruning trees and shrubs of all sizes and we follow the ISA standard of care for trees and shrubs. To protect your tree's health and longevity, we also specialize in spurless climbing because spurs can damage the tree and allow disease to enter. We offer a variety of pruning strategies including crown cleaning, thinning, restoration, clearance pruning, pruning for fruit or structure. We also offer skilled pruning of fruit trees every spring, and hedging every fall. Whatever the situation, our goal at GROW Tree Care is to maintain a healthy balance of what is good for the tree and meeting your objectives.

water droplets in conifer


At the point when a tree is no longer suitable for its growing location, removal may be a necessary option. Our arborists have extensive experience with removals in tight residential spaces or with limited access, and we often enjoy the complex problem solving involved to do it safely and efficiently. You can trust us to complete the work in utmost safety regardless the location, and we pride ourselves in ensuring a thorough cleanup so that your yard and gardens are as beautiful after our visit as they were before.



We offer consulting and written reports for various purposes. This includes tree retention programs prior to site development, tree inventories for development sites or municipalities for their parks and trail systems, and doing hazard tree assessments. We carry the ISA Tree Risk Assessment Qualification, a certification specialized to determine the risk factor of a single tree or group of trees in an urban setting, for example on a public trail system, in parks, playgrounds etc. Please call to learn more.


Stump Grinding & Removal

Our stump removal services include grinding stumps and roots to 6”-8” below ground level, spreading soil and seeding to grass, or grinding stumps completely in preparation for tree replacement.


Planting & Tree Selection

Planting the proper tree in the proper place makes all the difference in your long term happiness with the tree. As tree specialists, we look at both the present and future life of the tree.

In tree selection and placement, we ask:

  • will the tree perform a particular objective?
  • will the tree have space to grow to its full potential while maintaining its health and dignity?

We offer complete tree planting services, including consultation on proper tree species for the location and intended purpose, planting, mulching, watering and soil & root injection.

Exposed tree roots

Soil & Tree Health

We use a high-pressure system that injects organic fertilizer, soil amendment, or water 6-8” into the soil surface while also improving aeration. This treatment can revitalize trees that may be stressed from construction, poor site conditions, pests and/or disease, growing in planters with minimal soil. We are also trained to identify pests and disease that may be affecting your trees and shrubs and can offer solutions for mitigating when possible.

climbing ropes

Forest Edge Restoration

New developments in previously forested areas can expose once-protected trees to windthrow and expose residents to hazard trees. In addition to hazard tree abatement, our team can help you windfirm and transform a new forest's edge after development. This helps to minimize future failures, allows remaining trees and understory to adapt to their new environment, and to maintain some level of aesthetics after a major clearing. We focus on minimal impact to understory and specialize in wildlife trees.