Tree Care Principles


How do you recognize good tree maintenance?

Some basic principles of proper tree care include:

Young Tree Training

Have your trees properly pruned when they are young. This will result in less need for corrective pruning as they mature.

Spurless Climbing

Except for removals, trees should never be climbed with spurs. Spurs damage the tree by creating wounds, entrance points for pests and disease. Learn more about spurless climbing.

Avoid Topping

Topping is a temporary and ineffective solution that actually makes a tree more hazardous in the long run.


Pruning should not alter the natural form of the tree, as a general rule. A professional should know how to obtain objectives without compromising the aesthetics of the tree.

25% Rule

Minimize excessive regrowth and stress to the tree by only removing up to 25% of the canopy.

Poor pruning can cause damage that lasts for the life of the tree.
Take the time to find a tree company that respects your trees.

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