5 Reasons to Maintenance Prune

The decision to call in an arborist for tree advice often gets left until faced with a problem of some kind. Perhaps your trees are in decline, have outgrown their location or have a troubling pest or disease. At this point, the only solution is often a costly removal.

Check out these five great reasons to maintain the trees on your property at any stage:

  1. Minimize Building Damage

    Pruning trees and shrubs away from existing buildings or structures is called Clearance Pruning. Clearance Pruning improves air circulation reducing decay in wood exteriors and stops rubbing that can cause friction damage.

  2. Security

    Clearance pruning around light standards increases visibility and safety at night. Overgrown trees and shrubs interfere with the intended purpose of security lights. Canopy Raising (removing lower branches) of trees, hedges and shrubs that grow close to the ground increases visibility and reduces the likelihood of someone hiding or sleeping behind the foliage.

  3. Liability

    Clearance pruning around walkways is important to allow adequate clearance for residents and the public to pass by. Removing dead, dying and diseased branches (crown cleaning) will minimize failure that may injure people or damage property. Special attention should be paid to trees near parking lots, patios and playgrounds.

  4. Tree Health & Integrity

    Young tree training smaller trees will encourage a strong framework and remove defects early. This keeps trees strong and healthy as they mature and minimizes the need for future pruning.

  5. Containment & Aesthetics

    Reducing the perimeter of the canopy by a pre-determined amount (depending on the tree or shrub) will minimize growth while maintaining the form and beauty. Called perimeter reduction, this prolongs the life of plant material to serve its function before outgrowing the location. Trees or shrubs near buildings or other structures should also be clearance pruned during the process.

With all of these pruning objectives, the sooner you begin, the better the outcome.